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The Art & Science of Manifestation

The Dream Builder journey is a proven, reliable, repeatable process for bringing your deepest desires into reality. 


You Are More Powerful....

than any situation, condition or circumstance you find yourself in!  When you master your mind, you master your destiny!  


The Journey

What does your ideal life look like, sound like, feel like?  Gain clarity around what you truly desire. Take daily action in the direction of your dreams.  With the structure of a proven system and the accountability of a supportive, nurturing coach,  break free of the gravitational pull of your old paradigms and learn how to establish new ways of Being in order to bring your dreams to fruition.


My Story

I have a passion for supporting others in living a freer, fuller, more expansive expression of Life.  For over a decade now I have coached individuals, teams and organizations, helping them to bear witness to the fact that anything is possible.  I am a Certified DreamBuilder Coach through the Life Mastery Institute and would be honored to support you on your journey.



"Amy is the coach I’ve been ardently praying for. She holds powerful  space for transformation, and in that space helps you architect the life  of your dreams. Her keen yet compassionate insight into my blind spots  guided me step by step out of the deep grooves of my limiting patterns  directly into manifestation. She is truly and wholly a midwife of  dreams. If you want to embrace your soul purpose courageously, I cannot  recommend Amy highly enough!" Michelle Broussard, MFA Dance Theatre Artist, Movement Specialist, Healing Practitioner

"Dream  Building with Amy as my coach was a grand, inspired journey that helped  me get clear and focused on what I most desire to create in my life.  Each week I really looked forward to exploring the material, it was  rich, insightful, and wise. I immersed myself in the work, remained  open and was willing to shift my perspective. A momentum  started to build and I very quickly experienced profound shifts in my  life and finances. Amy celebrated every one of those moments with me and  when real life stuff came up in the midst of the work, Amy was a loving  force that held every possibility for my greatness. She is a trusted source of love, strength,  character and experience. Coaching is Amy's gift and calling, you can  feel just how passionate and dedicated she is to uplifting each  person as well as the greater good. She's a healer in that way. My Dream  Building process was nourishing and transformational. I find that I'm  using the Dream Building tools and integrating them in to my daily life.  Everyday I am one step closer to the life I always imagined and a life  that I deserve. I feel amazing, really and truly. To anyone who is  considering this Dream Building journey, take it! Give yourself the gift  of your dreams!"
Jasmyn S. Agneaux

Founder, Saint D'Agneaux


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"Boldness Has Genius, Power and Magic in it, Begin it Now!" ~ Goethe

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